Why Come To Church?

At St. Andrew Lutheran Church we gather to be fed by the gracious work of our God in Word and Sacrament.  Because of our faith in God, our preaching and teaching is founded on the historic meaning of his revelation to us in the Bible.  We do not teach that its miracles are mere myths, but in faith hold firmly to the conviction that our salvation is rooted in historical facts as the Bible presents them.  We make it our purpose is to preach the Gospel ofChrist crucified for us to all who will hear.  We deeply desire that those who believe will be strengthened in their faith and grow in their understanding; and that those outside of God’s Church may also hear and believe, so that they too will be welcomed into God’s family.  To preach and teach the Gospel is our only goal.  Every other “goal” we set, and every activity we undertake, is only to serve the purpose of preaching the Gospel.  In our community we will seek any opportunity to spread the Word of God, which may include acts of charity or church picnics, etc.  We hope that in doing these things we will form friendships, and that through those friendships we may find opportunities to share God’s Word.




Our worship service, you will find, is a tasteful mixture of the historic and modern.  We follow a liturgy that traces its roots back through the entire history of the Christian Church.  It provides a reliable source of truth and forgiveness every week, as well as a historical connection to believers who have lived before us.  Most importantly, with the historic Christian church we share a worship service that is entirely Christ-centered.  The readings, the sermon, Holy Baptism, and the Lord's Supper are the focal points of our worship, because these are the only ways that God has promised to give us his rich blessings in Christ.  Through the Word and Sacraments of our worship he forgives our sins and assures us of our right to be with him in heaven.

In this historic setting of our worship, you will also notice a tastefully modern sound.  We will use songs and hymns that have been recently composed along with many historic favorites.  We want to use all of God's best gifts to us, so we sing some newer songs along with many of our treasured old favorites.  Its purpose is to give us God’s gracious forgiveness through Word and Sacrament.  You will also find that the congregational responses are Christ-centered, because we praise God by declaring what he has done for us in Christ.